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Guangzhou XJ Paper Co., Ltd. is a large-scale well-known printing enterprise with a long history and strong momentum of development in Guangzhou. The factory is located in Tangdong Hengling Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, close to Zhongshan Avenue, Guangyuan Expressway and Guangshen Expressway. The transportation is very convenient , The main products and services are: album, packaging boxes, brochures printing,  paper bags, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, calendars,  envelopes, greeting cards, bookmarks, labels, we offer free designing service.
   At present, the factory has completed a class of printing enterprises related certification work, with complete publication printing qualification, the establishment of more than 10 years, the rapid development of the factory, the current factory a total area of ​​5,000 square meters, serving more than 300 people, in 2001 The introduction of ISO9002 quality certification standards, and obtain the recognition of the market and customers. Guangzhou is a few of several few sets of imported equipment, comprehensive technical personnel, can provide from the pre-press design, printing, post-processing and other one-stop service one of the printing and packaging manufacturers.

   The company has introduced the world's most advanced Heidelberg four-color off X105 one, Heidelberg four-color CD102 high with a four-color off Komori one, off the two-color Heidelberg and a full set of CTP publishing equipment, the company has advanced Apple computer design system and perfect after the production process equipment, such as automatic Biaozhi machine, more than a full Cutter, riding nail machine, line plastic installed, a plastic machine, folding machine, bronzing machine, beer machine, etc. , Can be completed independently from the beer, bronzing, hot silver, adhesive, mounted, folding, plastic equipment, line equipment, package ridge, YO ring binding, laminating to UV, oil and other sets of printing process.

   Companies adhere to the "integrity punctual professional and efficient" quality, the establishment of a sound quality assurance system and value-added service system. Scientific and effective management, molded the product of good quality, standardized, value-added services, has won wide praise from customers. Over the years the factory board of directors continue to introduce new technical talent and management personnel, and large-scale technological transformation. The past two years to introduce world-class printing equipment, after processing equipment, so that a substantial increase in the level of technology and equipment
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